What Is Billet Continuous Casting Machine?

As the name suggests, billet continuous casting machine is used for continuous casting or strand casting. During this process, the solidification of molten metal is carried out to obtain semi-finished billet and then rolled in finishing mills.

Lately, the continuous casting machine has greatly improved. It is now cost-effective, offers topnotch quality and also improved yield including productivity. It is highly preferred because it produce metals at lower costs and at the same maintain quality. Plus, it is easy to control since it is automatic. It is for these reasons why it ideal for casting steel, copper and aluminium.

The molted metal is placed into ladle where it undergoes ladle treatments, for example, degassing and alloying. Then, when the molted metal has attained the right temperature, it is taken on top of continuous casting machine. The first ladle feeds the casting machine and the other one is placed in off-cast position. The second ladle will be switched or placed in casting position once the first one has been emptied.

The hot metal will then the transported using refractory shroud from the ladle to tundish or holding bath. The tundish can simply be described as a buffer because it acts as a path that feeds the continuous casting machine when ladles are switched. It also cleans the metal, smoothen outflow as well as regulating metal feed. The metal is drained further via the tundish via additional shroud until it reaches the top of the mold. This is where cooling of the hot metal is done. The mold also oscillates vertically so that the metal doesn’t stick on its walls. Adding lubricant is also a way of preventing sticking or trapping slag particles as well as oxide particles that may result into slag.

The shroud is usually known as submerged entry nozzle because it is placed in such a way that molted metal passes it underneath the slag layer. Shrouds may be missing and instead interchangeable metering nozzles will direct the molted metal into molds. There are a number of continuous casting machines feeding numerous molds with a single tundish.

The molted metal solidifies on mold walls forming strands which exits the mold via spray chamber. Inside the mold, there are water-cooled rollers supporting strands against ferrostatic pressure. Plenty of water can be added via the spray chamber to increase the solidification process. After the strand has been removed from spray-chamber, final solidification may take place. This is what actually makes the billet continuous casting machines to vary.

  • Curved apron machine – where the strands escape at a vertical curved path or vertically and as they approach the spray-chamber, the strands are made to travel in horizontal position by the rollers. The molds can be curved or straight but that will depend on the design of the casting machine.
  • Vertical casting machine – the strand will stay in a vertical position as it passes spray-chamber.
  • Horizontal casting machine – the mold axis is oriented in the horizontal direction as well as flow of the molted metal. Mold oscillation and strand can be used to prevent sticking.

Once the metal is out of the spray-chamber, it passes the straightening rolls including withdrawal rolls. The strand will then be cut using travelling oxyacetylene torches or mechanical shears and the taken to other processes or stockpile.

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The technical advisory support helps to estimate the aspect of the project, design and implementation of the project and definitely will success the project. This service is helpful to both smaller and large scale industry. Some the benefits are reducing the risk of the project, optimizing the performance of the project,  changing into the latest practices, technologies, and design, helping by choosing the right equipment, increasing the commercial viability etc.

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Preparing the construction site and important points to know

Contractor has important steps before staring the work on site. They have the take the several things about the safety and security measure for workers. The contractor needs to learn about the skills about the construction and have to teach the worker that how much it is important.

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Explaining thread taps and how to use them adequately!

People, who own workshops or work in construction sectors, opine that thread taps and dies prove to be an important component in their field. While taps are used to make interior threads in bolts, dies are employed to make exterior threads on nuts, rods or cylindrical components. They make your rethreading operation a less hectic. Perhaps this is why some industrial workers opine-“without taps and dies, creating threads is next to impossible!

What are thread taps?

This could be a question which might be floating in your mind, right? So let me give you the explanation here!

These taps are tools which are specially designed to cut the female portion of the metal mating pair. These taps are constructed with hardened steel and have the following parts: an oval shank, a cylindrical body, a chamfer and one square end which is employed to turn the tap. This can be done either by using a square end or with the help of a T shaped tap wrench.

Hopefully things are clear so far. Now let’s get down to explaining how these are used!

How to use thread taps?

  1. The first thing to do is clamping the steel plate with a device properly and drilling a ream hole according to the required size.
  2. The second step is to select the right sized tap and attach that with the tap wrench.
  3. Thirdly, use some cutting oil or lubricating agent to the ream hole as well as the tap to ensure smooth operation and less friction.
  4. Then place the tap point in the hole and move it both clock-wise as well as anti-clockwise. This will also depend on the kind of tap you are making use of.
  5. Usually experts opine-“when using a left hand tap, you should rotate anti-clockwise and when using a right hand tap, the rotation should be done clockwise.” These are words of wisdom from the exponents in the field and hence you should store it up into your mind.
  6. The next thing after doing some fair amount of rotating is using a square to check the squareness.
  7. Replacing the tap wrench, you continue tapping. There is no need to apply any more pressure. This is because the threads will be heaved over at all times.
  8. Now as this is complete, you should remove the tap in the opposite direction and clean all the metal scrapes and oil remains from the plate.

You will have your new thread!

However, I would suggest you to check using a screw pitch tester and then insert your screw or bolt. So there you have it, your ways to use a tap for making a new thread.

Should you purchase thread cutting tools online or offline?

This is something which completely boils down to your needs. But as a suggestion from my end, going for online websites would be a better option. So, you will get top quality thread cutting tools such as-

  • Metric taps and dies
  • Acme taps
  • Whitworth taps
  • Trapezoidal taps
  • Thread dies, etc.

Along with options, you will also get certified products which are properly checked and also are appropriate as per the various manufacturing standards.

One tip: if you do go the online way for purchasing thread cutting tools, check the company website properly and preferably go with someone who possesses years of experience in the field. This will guarantee that you get the best tap and die set available in the market.

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